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Annual inventory: TV concept mount

  Compared with 2015, the domestic color TV industry in 2016, although less "crossfire", but in fact more exciting: price war continues, the industry impact; Panel prices push costs rise, causing prices to rise; To breakthrough bottlenecks, domestic brands are accelerating internationalization strides, into a high-end market, explore new display technology, looking for new profit model, from the new concept of technology; Homebred brand gradually rise in core technology, the domestic giant unity cooperation, homebred brand rashly, foreign brand contraction... Nail want to comment on two other science and technology, because these events is the domestic color TV industry in the 2016 years of experience, is also the beginning of 2017.
  A, panel prices rising costs, the Internet brand pressure surge
  Color TV industry has been is closely related to the upstream panel prices of ups and downs. A common liquid crystal TV, panel cost occupy about 70% of the total cost, its importance is self-evident. Since the beginning of 2016, the global TV panel prices have gradually warming, the larger gains.
  Yi kang, according to data in March 2016, 40 inches 4 k panel prices remain at $79, to August, prices have surged to $100. IHS market research institutions in September this year, according to the latest international market prices of 32 inch LCD panel from $54 in May to $74 in September, up to $20. In addition, 49 inches 4 k ultra-high resolution panel, the price also rise from $133 in May to $146 in September, to rise to $13. 40 inches and 43 inches full hd panel, or also reached the highest $15. Otherwise, according to data since November this year, 43 inches and 55 inches and 65 inches large size TV panels monthly average rose $10.
  Panel prices, leading to color television enterprise cost pressure surge. Letv two pricing, popular products price rise 5% to 5%, the storm reported losses caused by panel prices, reflecting the Internet brand in response to rising costs, relative to the traditional brand pressure is bigger.
  Nail technology review: panel prices, for Internet TV brand, the pressure will be greater than traditional brand. Traditional big because of scale advantages, to meet the more mature supply chain, and the lack of collective go low price strategy, so the pressure is much smaller as a whole. Internet brand without scale quantity, 2 there is no return to scale to feedback on content operating hardware, so this round panel prices for them is clearly pressure.