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Colour makeup skills The modelling of perfect upset you

  Want to overthrow their own shape, not only through face-lifts, bleaching, avi or buried under the skin in the silica gel can be achieved! In fact, sometimes, just a change of hairstyle, or change the eye shadow color, put one false eyelash, can completely change your shape, let you look shine at the moment!
  The modelling of perfect upset you
  The modelling of perfect upset you
  Change the color of skin, a change of tone
  We all know that in the sun too much is bad for skin care, but fake tan can let you look brand-new.
  Tip: once in a while if you want a disguise tan, tan powdery bottom may be used. Makeup before coating a layer of powder, in order to prevent the tan powdery bottom to cohere or crease, then with makeup brush sweep powder evenly on the face. Hair, under the chin, neck and ears around don‘t ignore.
  Pick a fresh eye shadow
  If you‘ve been accustomed to use neutral colors to dress up their eyes, suggest you in bright colors give it a try.
  Tip: blue, green, orange or purple eye shadow, will make you look more revealing, in the color of these, you can even draw look line, not just in the eyes painted. According to keep in mind the principle is: from the bottom up from deep to shallow the color of eye shadow. No gradient layers of avoid by all means, it would only make your eyes look bloated and no spirit.
  The modelling of perfect upset you
  The modelling of perfect upset you
  The lip color mingyan
  We have been accustomed to use light lip gloss to adorn lips, actually this one season, Ming yan is the most IN that grabs an eye red lipstick.
  Tip: red lipstick will make you look more feminine, sexier, more accurate. Don‘t worry about the color is too strong, you are good in besmear lipstick postscript to use paper towels or finger rub corners of the mouth edge blur a bit, will let your lip makeup look more natural.
  Bang to change shape
  Want to try a new hairstyle, but don‘t want to have my hair cut short or very hot? That is the idea of playing bang!
  Tip: the jagged administrative bang will make you look more sexy. A word neat bang can make you young for several years; And cut diagonally Liu Haize will make you up both lively and humorous!
  The modelling of perfect upset you
  The modelling of perfect upset you
  A new eyebrow
  You can not beautiful, but can never lose affinity, but if you naturally angular, and can‘t go to the knife cut bone, then change the eyebrow.
  Tip: after threading thrush? First you have to choose their own color hair color matching and color, can foil more brown than black your affinity temperament! The color of dense will appear in the whole face no spirit. When the thrush, to draw and their color shading, this would allow the eyebrows looks more three-dimensional nature.
  Try to blush
  Many people don‘t like to play cheek is red, think it will make makeup look unnatural. In fact this idea is wrong! If you want to charm, to learn to play a blush!
  Tip: want to brush the natural curve of cheek is red, must have to choose a round head cheek is red brush. With cheek red brush looped in zygomatic position, can shape the doll like the lovely makeup effect. If from the cheekbone to hair gently sweep rouge back and forth, will make your makeup look is pure and fresh and natural.