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Taught you how to four pink colour makeup

  With pink to grasp the wonderful spring - peach pink large area of shading more feminine
  This is the most soft pink, relatively is also the most easy to use. Unlike ordinary meat pink, peach pink color to be more warm some, it can make skin looks very good, and adjust the action of the skin, even suspected of large area is used there will be no act young. It is most suited to the MM of skin fair-skinneds in vain, it is a kind of light pink, like teenagers face natural glow.
  Peach pink large area of shading more feminine
  The use of peach powder principle:
  It is to be able to let a woman amorous feelings. The processing of peach makeup part is the key to the cheek. It emphasizes not cheek is red color, and pay more attention to the building of a texture. Pale peach blush with glossy and smooth texture, added fully for facial feeling and stereo feeling, more highlights the nature of health. Pearl is not very obvious, to carry bright cheeks effect is very good. Use full face is also very good, can appear face powder doodle. After the powder used as a blush more natural.
  The monotony of powder is absolutely different
  The monotony of powder is absolutely different
  How wonderful to draw
  Face: light and present good pink skin moist
  Match peach pink colour makeup bottom makeup more transparency, makeup before you apply the moisturizing mask, improve skin moist degree, and then select the pink breast before makeup painted cheeks, it gives the bottom makeup and better integration of skin, finally use significantly glitter carry bright color of skin. Can use it instead of cheek is red brush in zygomatic place, make cheeks look stereo and texture.
  Eye: with pearl promotion outline and maturity
  Peach powder, hard to avoid can appear girlish, the color is too soft. To make pink eye shadow appear elegant and somewhat mature, Suggestions to the lightest pink eye shadow slowly away, let it like smoked diffuses whole eye socket, and then the pearl white eye shadow light pressure on the upper eyelid, brighten in canthus place again, make the eye structure more clear, so can not only well emphasize feminine woman flavour, can let an eye look solid and not feel swollen.
  Lip: fog light lipstick lips fuller
  Recommend lipstick choose powder spray texture, the color is close to the lip color light pink best. Dip in with finger directly take lipstick, then click apply on lips, with expansion after lip effect with tonal lip is sweet, ornament in the middle of the lip, rich feeling.
  Peach color how to choose
  The stereoscopic pearl eye shadow: pink brings classical flavor is sweet, like the tender buds usually. Meat pink, candy pink, etc can be used on the eye makeup, suggestion choice with bead light texture of pale pink eye shadow, it is not only refreshing, can highlight the outline of the eye. Warm lining color: although some pink looked young, but actually attune slants cold, widely used on the face can make skin look bad instead.
  It is suitable for people
  White skin is most suitable for: the most of the peach powder used to taste, color of skin more white girls, of course. Regardless of how to use, it can foil the color of your skin more fair, and make skin look soft and clinking. Dark-skinned should choose the quality of a material: the man is not to say that the deep color of skin will and the color of insulation. Color yellow or dark people can choose with pearl powder particles, and then only in local ornament, such as the inner eye, let your eyes look bright and solid; Or used after brushing her cheek is red peach pink cheek is red brush across the cheek, can let the color looks good.
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