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Three big basic maintenance cannot not know

  Asked about basic skin care believe every girl talk, who will have their own maintenance for so many years a habit, but your habit really right? Seemingly correct nursing steps may be slowly destroy your face. Skin to look at what you don‘t know the secret.
  Lens a: use nutrient solution a lot at night sleep mask, facial water in vain the next day, he decided to give up washs a face, reason is to keep effective absorption of nutrition, prevent wash face wash nutrients. Can also save moisturizers work, model is really kill two birds with one stone in your hearts?
  Hairdre er: this is completely wrong. Usually nutrients in sleep mask completely absorbed in 4-5 hours. Then skin infections to dust and dirt in the air, also have eyes can‘t see the small bacteria invade the skin, therefore must want to wash a face, facial mask of nutrition has been fully absorbed, the rest is not absorbed "waste", so you must clean face.
  Lens two: the skin is very good small magnesium, almost no cosmetics, only use baby products to do a little maintenance at ordinary times, she felt her baby product is designed for baby skin, harmful to the skin is impossible.
  Hairdre er: this view is wrong. Baby‘s skin natural exquisite, delicate, water more, the ingredients in skin care products demand is not very high. A baby‘s skin moisture content over 90%, so the baby protects skin to taste the moisturizing ingredients is quite low. And adult water content below 70%, as the growth of the age, water content is more and more low, even if again carefully to caress your skin, and adult skin thicker than the baby‘s skin, so the absorption also not so fast, if not choose suitable for their own products, in the end because the water content is not enough can lead to all problems, foundation is bad, how to decorate again trashy also, of course.
  Camera 3: small claims to be A most mm will save money, she always flow in major shopping malls supermarkets, special use promotion sample to beautiful for yourself. Also claims that the designer need not, cosmetics budget is almost zero, very proud.
  Hairdresser: seemingly greedy for petty gain, small A skin is actually suffered A huge crisis. That anyone can use to try things, more than a lipstick brush, a sponge people clap, face of bacterial infection after cosmetics in his face. All faces with different bacteria, after use, again pollution again, these bacteria will probably spawns, development, further cause skin inflammation is the norm.
  A born beauty is not born with, and flawless skin if often suffered from these, also will be ruined, so everyone must choose according to their own skin suits own product to achieve whitening, spot, the effect of acne. Be emphasized that the market is filled with many to medicine makeup as a cover to protect skin to taste, are deceptive, medicine makeup is to be approved by the ministry of health to call medicine makeup. The best plant ingredients of cosmetics. Recommended skin bad girls, when selecting a skincare choices pure plant ingredients than chemical products.
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